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Here are a couple of quotes from the article.
"From my experience in South Africa I know that truth-telling is hard. It has grave consequences for one's life and reputation. It stretches one's faith, tests one's capacity to love, and pushes hope to the limit. At times, the difficulty of this work can make you wonder if people are right about you, that you are a fool. "
"Some people are enraged by comparisons between the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and what happened in South Africa. There are differences between the two situations, but a comparison need not be exact in every feature to yield clarity about what is going on. Moreover, for those of us who lived through the dehumanizing horrors of the apartheid era, the comparison seems not only apt, it is also necessary. It is necessary if we are to persevere in our hope that things can change. "
You can read the rest here.
In general is a good source for information.  and to introduce people to "radical Politics".
The Getting started section Of ZNet  is great for that.
May the truth set you free, we all know the lies are keeping us in bondage.
From your brother from another mother,
Thursday, June 26, 2008