Afrocentric Views on Gender and Sexuality
There is a lot of talk about homophobia in Africa.    
SO i wanted to share with you the traditional (precolonial )Afrocentic views of Homosexuality.
I think you will discover that we traditionally integrated the gay (two-spirited) members into our communities and they played an integral role in our societies.
It was the imposition of western culture via Chrisitianity and Islam, that has lead
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Its All about Truth , Peace and Justice
In my discussion about reparations, and the need for a respectfull resolution, to the theft of indigenouse peoples and their lands, people frequently ask a variation of  the following question.     So i thought i’d post a response that I wrote a few weeks back.
> Question: How do you measure justice and when will you know it has finally been satisfied? What has to  happen for justice to finally
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Realizing God's dream -Desmond Tutu  and links to
Hi there,
Here are a couple of quotes from the article.
"From my experience in South Africa I know that truth-telling is hard. It has grave consequences for one's life and reputation. It stretches one's faith, tests one's capacity to love, and pushes hope to the limit. At times, the difficulty of this work can make you wonder if people are right about you, that you are a fool. "
"Some people
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 Decolonising Our Minds and making the connections with the indigenous Peoples Rights
This is something I wrote a few years back 2005, which will give you a flavor of where we are coming from.
it was great meeting you guys last night.   I also spoke to you guys about some of my plans for
the healing of our societies .. and for the need to tell the truth about the past and the present in order
to bring back healing, compassion and love to our communities. I and some other
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