Afrocentric Views on Gender and Sexuality
There is a lot of talk about homophobia in Africa.    
SO i wanted to share with you the traditional (precolonial )Afrocentic views of Homosexuality.
I think you will discover that we traditionally integrated the gay (two-spirited) members into our communities and they played an integral role in our societies.
It was the imposition of western culture via Chrisitianity and Islam, that has lead to the recent hostility & homophobia in some African communities today.
" During one of the Conflict Hours at the Mendocino Men’s Conference Malidoma spoke eloquently on indigenous people’s views of gay men. He kindly agreed to elaborate on his views as he sat with me among the redwoods of Mendocino. "
Malidoma Patrice Somé, PhD Author, Elder, Diviner
 is someone who continues the tradition, of teaching the ancient ways of our ancestors, someone who ;s work has been a source of inspiration to me,    
You can read more about him Here,
Monday, June 30, 2008