Its All about Truth , Peace and Justice
In my discussion about reparations, and the need for a respectfull resolution, to the theft of indigenouse peoples and their lands, people frequently ask a variation of  the following question.     So i thought i’d post a response that I wrote a few weeks back.
> Question: How do you measure justice and when will you know it has finally been satisfied? What has to  happen for justice to finally and fully be served?
Its really simple. the end of injustice.    And also the creation and support for the marginalized.
I think it was Ghandi who said " a society is judged by how well it treats the lowest members of that society "
If you can & continue to steal, rape and pillage with impunity, then you don't have justice.
When the western world actually starts to atone for all that has been done, and all that has continued to be done.
When reparations are paid.
To give you an analogy ....  If your great grandfather stole my great grandfathers land, house & car, and your are continuing to benefit from that theft.
 Then  you say you are really sorry, but are unwilling to make sure that my inheritance, is returned to me  "  then you are not really sorry yet.
We will see justice when we decolonize native North America, when the land, resources and Monies owed are returned to their rightful owners, the indigenous peoples.
When the colonial govt. of Canada and US, stop breaking international law, and actually deal with the traditional chiefs, that have the support of their clan and the Clan grandmothers, instead of continuing the fraud by only dealing with Colonially Chiefs, who are not are only accountable to the occupying forces of Canada and the US.
Here are a few quotes, that a quick google search just provided me .  
"Speaking in Eugene with Ward Churchill, she stated that "the struggle against globalisation is a continuation of the struggle for decolonisation." Both the civil rights/Black Power and the American Indian sovereignty movements in the United States were also inspired by and part of the global decolonisation movements, just as the many indigenous autonomy struggles being waged now around the globe are the current cutting edge of this same process.
Europe and European descended people have a long way to go in confronting the traumatic results of their history and its continuing cycles of expansion and warfare. Especially now, with the 'American Empire' declaring total war and many Europeans (and Americans) questioning, protesting and actively resisting civilisation's most extreme pathological form, it is urgent for Europeans and Americans (North, Central and South), especially, to try to confront together this legacy. Just as Franz Fanon talked of the need to decolonise one's mind as a fundamental step towards actual decolonisation for Africans and African-descended peoples My Name is Chellis is an honest and helpful attempt to do something similar for Europeans and European-descended peoples. And in some ways it goes even farther, into the realm of 'decivilisation.'  "   from
Checkout this PDF ..  
****"Education For Slavery  Or Freedom"  ***
 "Recent proposals to clone human beings—
creating duplicates from an original—are
alarming because we find the prospect of
factory-made copies of individuals an
affront to nature and to what our sacred
teachings tell us.
The outcry against biological cloning,
however, is completely hypocritical when
one sees that fairly significant sections of
human beings in our part of the planet
(Asia, Africa, South America) are already
little more than mental, cultural or
spiritual clones.
How did this become possible? Through
an ubiquitous institution called ‘modern
education’—a much glorified project that
facilitated the successful copying of people
much before a cloned Dolly sheepishly
crawled out of the lab.
We are raised from early age as clones
in laboratories called schools, colleges and
universities specifically installed for the
purpose by our former political rulers. We
are programmed to think, to imagine, to
talk, to teach, to consume, to debate, to
dress and to conduct ourselves as carbon
copies of what are assumed to be
successful originals located and living in
the most admired societies of the world:
Europe and the USA. We merely
implement the programmes their intellec-
tual communities decide as worth doing  "  
Go in peace, and may you learn to embrace and celebrate the truth.
From your brother  from another mother,
Monday, June 30, 2008