Decolonising Our Minds and making the connections with the indigenous Peoples Rights
This is something I wrote a few years back 2005, which will give you a flavor of where we are coming from.
it was great meeting you guys last night.   I also spoke to you guys about some of my plans for
the healing of our societies .. and for the need to tell the truth about the past and the present in order
to bring back healing, compassion and love to our communities. I and some other conscious brothers and
sisters are uniting to build an Afrocentric Spiritual and healing center, to share/teach about principles of
love, compassion and dedication to one another.
On a separate but connected note ..  You can check out a CBC documentary titled "indecently Exposed"  (don't worry it has nothing to do with nudity)  :)
" .. internationally acclaimed anti-racism expert Jane Elliot describes her role in this reality based
documentary that challenges Canadians attitudes towards Native Canadians. Her confrontational
technique turns the table on participants pitting the "brown eyes" against the "blue eyes".
Whether or not you agree, that's Elliott's starting point as she welcomes and bullies 22 Canadians who
have volunteered to participate in her internationally renowned workshop..... "
In African tradition we say "It takes a village to raise a child". All the children of the world are our
children .. and closer to home our neighbors children are our children. I believe we have a sacred duty to
  be our brothers keeper.
We have been lied to in recent times. We have been miss educated into believing that we are individuals,
and all that we have to do to be happy is to take care of ourselves alone.
 We have been lied to that its a DOG EAT DOG world!! My dad is a vet!! Dogs don't eat dogs!!!  If you have
had the blessing of watching a pack of wild dogs, you will witness and amazing level of sharing, caring and
Ok . enough of me rambling on and on ..     the following was written in response to an African writers critic of what ails us.
I hope this message meets you in good spirit,  may the wisdom of our shared ancestry open your minds to the
truth.  May the truth bring you not to feel guilt, but to take ownership and responsibility for your future and the future of the generations to come.
Now back to our regularly scheduled message ..  thanks for enduring my  rant.. and I appreciate you   *hug*
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Subject: I throwe salute to you on your articles or
From: Ifo (DA_MAN) Ikede <>
An Open letter from Ifo Ikede to Ike NiajaMan of
How far my broder,
My name nah Ifo Ikede and ah be naija man wey dey live for Canada.
The things that you are witting about are things that I have pondered about for years. I love your critical
analysis of the things that plague us as a nation, and I will like to provide you with some of my views.
I think it is important to understand that we have *chosen* to inherit a system of governance that
benefits the western world to the detriment of our people. We have also insulted our ancestors by
neglecting to go back to that which has worked for us in the past. I believe that our forefathers had
elegant and effective methods of organising our societies.
Do not get me wrong I'm in no way implying that they were perfect, but I don't believe you can move forward
by denying history. The British left along time ago.  Now its time for use to govern ourselves on true African principles of respect for our maker, our environment and our communities.
The western system of so called democratic governance is nothing but a farce. It has not worked in the west
so, it would be foolhardy to expect it to work with us. Fella said it best "Democracy == demonstration of crace "
On a separate and more systematic and troubling front, is our refusal to return to the ways of our ancestors
that have sustained us for centuries before this recent invasion of colonialist and our blanket uncritical
acceptance of all things European!
I think it is time that we return to the ways of our ancestors. I think we can learn a lot from the Native Indians in northamerica. They have refused to be assimilated by the oppressive and community destroying forces of the colonial powers. They have choose a path of self-determination. A path that is dictated by their own unique and innate needs as indigenous peoples.  They use the spirits of their ancestors, and the great SPIRIT  as their guides and the divine wisdom.
We as African people and all indigenous people who have been afflicted with this viral and suppressive
western ideology, have not fully comprehended what it is we have lost. The racist policies and teachings of
the western world which teaches our children to disrespect all things African (or indigenous to us) and consider things from the west superior. That is simply WHITE SUPREMACY ..we need to denounce and address that.  It is also important to not that much of what the west teaches as originating form them ..was actually stolen from indigenous people.
You can read more about this on Philip Emeagwali website and critical speech to the Pan African
Conference tittled "Globalisation: Not new look at slave trade " at
One final and Controversial thought.. Lets not forget the we are and have never been Nigerians.  The
fragmentation of our continent with artificial boundaries was a figment of the colonialist. Since we
claim that we are independent, why are we still clingyso strongly to this.
We are a collection of nations that should refuse to accept the boundaries imposed on us by colonial
masters. We were and are proud strong people. We indigenous people need to unite.  We are one blood
one spirit one humanity. Lets get back to defining ourselves based on who we are not who THEY say we are.
Only then will we begin to see the light of progress. It is not coincidence that if you look at west-Africa
just about every country is segregated by language. You have one English  ..then French ..then English.
Nigeria is surrounded by French countries ..most French countries are surrounded by English
speaking countries. This was a deliberate effort to ensure we did not communicate and create alliances with each other.   "United we stand, Divided we fall !".
Till later later,
May the spirit and wisdom of our ancestors guide and bless you in all your endeavors. May they provide you
with the real peace. Even though you live in the valley of the shadow of death, you shall fear no evil.
From your brother from another mother,  Lets bring back peace and prosperity to our family! *hug*
One love, one spirit, one consciousness, peace
From your brother from another mother
Ifo Ikede
Thursday, June 26, 2008